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Mombasa Outdoor

Mombasa BrandMombasa Brand® has a unique product history for helping people, especially in the fight against Malaria. Mombasa's mission is to demonstrate their core values by helping people in need. Mombasa will continue to be intentional with Mombasa's brand, campaigns, and the lifestyle Mombasa wants to live, knowing when someone purchases the Mombasa Brand we all share in a lifestyle of helping people and engage in greater good.   

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Mombasa Outdoor Adventure Roof Top Tent

The Adventure Annex is equipped as a robust Overland solution. 4 Person Capacity
$1,745.00 $1,999.00

Mombasa Outdoor Explorer Roof Top Tent

The best way to get started on your first adventures. 3 Person Capacity
$1,575.00 $1,690.00

Mombasa Outdoors Expedition Roof Top Tent

Scalable and perfect for the road trips and your plus one. 2 Person Capacity
$1,375.00 $1,490.00