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LED Light Bars

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Lifetime LED Lights "The JK dual" 2- 50" light bars, 2- harnesses, and mounts

This is the ultimate bling for your Jeep Wrangler JK, you will be noticed with this package. If you want the ultimate upgrade for your lighting, then you have found it. 

Lifetime LED Lights 10" LED Light Bar

Our 10" LED Light Bar has 10, 5 watt, high intensity CREE LEDS. 
$126.65 $149.00

Lifetime LED Lights 13.5" 72W Amber/White LED Light Bar

This 13.5 inch Amber/White LED light bar carries the Lifetime warranty from Lifetime LED Lights. The beam pattern is set to combo.
$169.15 $159.00

Lifetime LED Lights 13.5" LED Light Bar 24 LEDs

This 13.5 inch LED light bar with 24 3 watt LEDs.  The beam pattern on this light bar is 60 degree.  A lifetime warranty is standard for this 13.5" LED light bar.
$152.15 $149.00

Lifetime LED Lights 15.5" 80 Watt CREE Light Bar

This 15.5 inch 80 Watt CREE light bar with an adjustable bottom mount bracket has a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence.
$194.65 $229.00

Lifetime LED Lights 20 Inch LED Light Bar 100 Watt

This 20 Inch LED light bar is a single row LED light bar with 20, 5 watt Cree LEDS.
$211.65 $249.00

Lifetime LED Lights 20" 40 LED Bar Dual Row LED Light Bar

Top selling 20 inch LED Light bar with a 40 LED, Dual row bar.  This LED light bar is one of the most popular light bars and carries a lifetime warranty.
$211.65 $169.00

Lifetime LED Lights 20" Amber/White LED Light Bar 120W

This 20 inch Amber / White LED light bar with 120 watts of LED power includes a lifetime warranty.
$237.15 $189.00

Lifetime LED Lights 20" Curved LED Light Bar 40 LEDS

This 20 inch curved LED light bar has 120 watt LED power and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
$254.15 $299.00

Lifetime LED Lights 20" LED Light Bar Phantom Sun 252w

The Phantom Sun light bars are the brightest LED light bar on the planet, get ready for people to think you can make the sun rise.
$339.15 $399.00