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Are you tired of your neoprene jack cover fading and falling apart? Are you tired of your jack cover wearing out with holes, and the seams coming apart? Other jack covers on the market are designed to fail, so you get stuck buying the same product over and over again. With uncompromising durability, our patent pending Custom Jack Covers are built for years of protection and are designed to stand up to even the most demanding and rugged environments!! Our jack covers help keep your jack lubricated and rust free so when you need to use your jack it will actually work. We all know how dangerous a Hi-Lift jack can be. A dirty, dry, rusted, and non-lubricated jack is even more dangerous.... even deadly! Don't get caught in the middle of nowhere with a dry and rusty jack that doesn't work. produces the highest quality protective jack cover on the market today. Some Design features include:

  • patent pending dual layer design - inner liner made from neoprene and high strength pique
  • premium marine grade vinyl shell - 100% virgin uv stabilized pigments
  • heavy duty zippers - #10 marine grade zippers made from uv stabilized dupont delrin® acetal resins
  • two sizes - the best protection for your jack, not matter what type of mounts you use
  • mildew and antimicrobial treated
  • handcrafted in the USA using only the finest materials available
  • 20+ colors and custom options available.


As a way of doing more for the world we live in, contributes 10% of all proceeds of sales to cancer research. proudly supports the following organizations:

3 Items in Grid 4 Items in Grid List 11" Hi-Lift Jack Cover

This is the 11" (shorter) Custom Jack Cover and will allow you to use more of the holes in the jack bar for mounting.
$49.99 15" Hi-Lift Jack Cover

This is the 15" (longer) Custom Jack Cover that provides the maximum level of protection for your jack.